200×200 Club

200x200 Club - Whiskey Club for Heavy Lifters

200 Club Bottles for 2022

With supply chain issues we can not give you a set date on when which bottles will be released in which quarter. But these are the bottles we are expecting to deliver to you this quarter for your initial membership. Yes! There will be a special release beyond these bottles Monthly special offers exclusive to only 200 Club and quarterly allocated bottled release.  
Single Malts: 
  1. Milk & Honey Fortified Wine Cask Finish 
  2. Single Cask Nation 
  3. Adelphi 
  4. Ardnamurchan 
  1. Rabit Hole 
  2. Four Roses 
  3. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 
  4. Frey Ranch 
You will get two bottles combination out of these two. 1 bottle of Single Malt and 1 bottle of either Bourbon Or Rye Part of your initial Payment. 

200 Club 2022 Billing Dates:

  1. Quarter 1: January 26th – January 31st
  2. Quarter 2: April 26th  – April 30th
  3. Quarter 3: July 26th  – July 31st
  4. Quarter 4: October 26th  – October 30th 

Bottle Release Dates:

Sorry for not nailing down an exact day of the Release within a given Quarter.  Due to supply chain and transportation issues I can not guarantee a specific Date on Bottle Arrivals.  But I can promise you it will be within that quarter.  The Bottle releases will happen within a given quarter.

  • Quarter 1: No later than March 30
  • Quarter 2: No Later than June 30th.
  • Quarter 3. No later than September 30th.
  • Quarter 4. No later than December 30th.

Restocking Fee:  You will have 60 Days to pick up.  If bottles are not picked up within 60 days or you paid for shipping them.  We will charge you $20 Restocking Fee and resell your bottles.

200 Club Benefits: This Club is for people who love whiskey.  You will get two quarterly Barrel Pick that myself, RCWS (River City Whiskey Society Admins), RCWS Board Members (The originally Founding Father) & two 200 Club Members will be invited to pick barrels with us.  By now you should all know one thing about me:  My goal is simple.  It is to explore the whiskey culture.  With 200 Club we will be balanced with 1 Single malt bottle and 1 Bourbon or Rye Bottles 
  1. Local Pickup: $200 + Tax
  2. Shipping: $200 + Shipping Fee $15 + Tax 


  1. Exclusive Quarterly Barrel Pick.
  2. 10% Off Discount Coupon to use on your Daily Sippers. NOT ON ALLOCATED BOTTLES. You can use this once a month. You can not save all your 10% off and get a 100% of on something LOL.
  3. Personal Purveyor to help you build your Whiskey Collection. This will be handled by the 200 Club Whiskey Ambassador
  4. Quarterly Reward Release: This will give you on “First Come, First Serve Basis” exclusive access to purchase Rare Bottles for that quarter.
  5. Exclusive Monthly offers on Single Malts, Bourbons or Ryes that will just be available to only the 200 Club Members.  
  6. Your Club Subscription automatically counts for Loyalty and Reward Point System for the Year. You get 1 Redeemable Point for every Dollar $ of your subscription.
  7. Club Members will have Double Point Purchases options available every month. This will put you all on in a position to redeem those point towards bigger allocated bottles at the end of the year.  Club members will have more options to earn points 
  8. 200 Club Whiskey Ambassador will be in touch with you weekly and Monthly Basis.  More you communicate with us the better we can serve you.
  9. Exclusive Invites to Distillery Visits or Whiskey Tasting Event.
  10. Every 200 Club Release will come with a Virtual Tasting with the members.
  11. Detailed Tasting Notes and Back Story will be available per release.


  1. You do get a special release every quarter.  2 weeks after your 200 Club Quarterly Release. 
  2. We do not Guarantee you that you will be able to score a bottle every time. This will be First Come First Serve basis.  We will implement Bottle Limits depending on the Allocated Bottles within that quarter. 
  3. People who are fast on the internet do win. So we ask before the Allocated Reward Release please check your login’s and emails to make sure you put yourself in a place to win some good bottles. 
  4. Communicate with your dedicated Whiskey Ambassador for the 200 Club Members. More you communicate and better you communicate with us.  The better we can serve you and keep you happy.
  5. Let’s Have FUN this year!!!

The price for membership is $200.00 now and then $200.00 every 3 Months for 3 more payments. Customers in CA will be charged 8.25% tax.

200x200 Club

Whisky Club for Heavy Lifters
$ 200
  • 200 member limited club
  • Rare, unique whisky picks delivered to your door
  • Exclusive sales & events only for 200x200 members!
  • Add $15 for shipping